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Linen - Cotton Care Guide

Linen - Cotton Care Guide


Exquisite workmanship, machine washable, not easy to fade. When washing in a washing machine, please choose a gentle cycle of 60 degrees Celsius and use the right water temperature, not too hot, otherwise the fabric may be damaged. Note: Wash fabrics of different colors separately, please do not bleach. Machine wash and dry at low temperature, please do not expose to high temperature. Linen cotton has a soft texture, warm in winter and cool in summer, with excellent breathability, can effectively adsorb sweat and micro-sweat on the human skin, so that the body temperature is quickly returned to normal, truly breathable, sweat-absorbing effect. Its physical properties have anti-static, anti-mite and anti-itch effect, PH value is acidic, non-irritating to the skin, in line with environmental protection and health requirements.



  1. After confirming that you can wash, first prepare a basin of warm water, put the appropriate amount of cotton and linen clothing detergent, and fully integrated with the water, and then into the cotton and linen texture of the fabric, gently rubbed. Here it should be noted that the cotton and linen fabrics must be avoided directly in contact with the detergent, will harm the material fiber.


  1. Before washing, it can be put in the water to soak for a few minutes, but it is not easy to time too long, so as not to harm the color. Avoid rubbing hard with hard brushes to avoid fabric hairiness; do not wring hard after washing.


  1. Cotton and linen fabrics are generally not afraid of the sun, but a long time in the sun, it will reduce the abrasion fastness, easy to make the fabric color fading or yellowing, so the fabric should be dried on the reverse side. In use should avoid corrosive damage to acidic substances. Cotton and linen fabrics should be washed, dried, ironed, folded flat; collection to avoid humidity, stuffy heat, not ventilated, the cabinet is not clean easy to cause mold.


  1. Due to the hemp fiber rigid, poor holding power, washing should be more gentle than cotton fabrics, do not use a hard brush brush and rubbing, so as to avoid the cloth surface hairy, affecting the appearance and product life. Do not twist, do not soak in hot water, do not expose to the sun, so as to avoid shrinkage, deformation, color fading. Ironing temperature is below 110℃. It can be stored in a ventilated place away from light.


By following these care instructions, you can keep your linen and cotton products looking their best and ensure their longevity.